Monthly Archives: May 2012

The amazing Kate L sorted them ALL (of course)

Thanks to Kathy K for sending me an image of the truly phenomenal sorting job that her daughter Kate did at the “clean” and “dirty” vats.  She seems to have taken all the words out and turned them face up so that folks can see them all.  An amazing feat! …and an activity I had not thought of…yet.

Keep them coming!




Thanks for posting your self-portrait!

I was thrilled to finally receive an email containing a snapshot using what the sender called “all the positive words.”  Alright!!!   Please keep them coming!  I love to see how people play with the words.  Glad you are having fun!

Opening night! (and a small glitch)

Artomatic opens tonight.  It is bound to be mobbed…  With 1,000 artists participating, you know you have a party.

I updated the Word List today.

The good news is that I have completed all the stones for the entire list (704 words!).  The bad news is that, once again, I have learned that my understanding of modern technology is somewhat lacking.  My brilliant plan to provide a QR code linking to the word list has been foiled, since the link goes to a discrete url for the original pds file, so when I update the list, the url changes and the QR code may still go to the original list (from May 8) rather than the updated list.  I hope to find a solution to this problem.  But, if not, all the links in the website proper go to the most recent version, and the printed hard copies in the installation are dated, as well.


Artomatic 2012 – interactive installation

This blog provides background information and resources for an interactive installation at Artomatic 2012, on display from May 18 through June 23 in Crystal City, VA.  This is a departure from my usual artwork (handmade paper and wire sculpture and jewelry – see, and your feedback is important to me!  I hope you will contribute to this project and tell me which parts you think work best (or worst), add missing words to my list, etc.