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Photos of FIGMENT NYC on Flickr

FYI – if you want to see some fun black-and-white photos of the NY event (mostly pics of artists who participated), please visit Flickr here.


Seen at FIGMENT – people and installations

Here are some images I took during my rare forays away from Weigh your Words…

Babies everywhere


Fort Jay – a nice place to sit in the shade as bicyclists whiz by:


This juggler turned up everywhere.. including a stop by Weigh your Words to throw a few words around.


Lots of installation involving writing wishes, hopes, or fears and decorating a structure:



A people-operated giant rubber music box:


And of course… the cloud.  Here it is during construction and then during the event.


And here is the interior – with DJs playing music and a closeup of the structure – thousands of recycled plastic bottles!!


Cool huge moving sculptures, like this ride-a-dinosaur and frogmobile:


An great excuse to dress up and strut your stuff:



FIGMENT NY – Choosing stones – Oh, the possibilities!

I only brought the seesaw and sorting bins portions of the piece to FIGMENT in June 2013. FIGMENT was two (full!) days long, and I was present the entire time the public was interacting with it.  It was a very different experience from Artomatic and I think that the outdoor setting and upbeat and adventurous crowd brought a heightened energy to the interpretations of the stones and how people interacted with them.

Careful selectionsearching the mat 2searching on the mat 4Some people just focused on the words, others incorporated them into self portraits and arranged groupings.  It all begins with the search for the words that best describe you or your friends…









Most of the people in this group did not speak English as their first language…

European words

…so they talked about definitions and chose words that they thought described them as a group

arranging stones 1

Some people spent hours…

arranging stone 2

…arranging stones into straight lines


Hearts were a common theme
















lyingon the mat1

And finally, my favorite – the reclining selfie..










Annie on the mat 2

From demure corona…


…to full bodyscape







…to hair collage

At FIGMENT NY, the seesaw…popular, as usual

The seesaw drew attention form a wide variety of visitors.  Kids, of course, enjoyed just making the thing balance, regardless of which words were in the bowls.

kids and seesaw 2 Kids and the seesaw

Some had to work hard to achieve balance, moving stones along the edge of the seesaw until they got it just right.  Which words did they have to move to achieve balance?  Some found it hard to decide which word to move out of a bowl of words carefully chosen to describe their attributes.

finding balanceRosenfelds  stone selection

Sorting positive and negative attributes can be therapeutic, cathartic, revealing…

Good and Bad

Fun with the bins at FIGMENT NY

I was happy to see people really get involved in sorting the “clean” and “dirty” words.  As usual, some people got quite concerned when they found words in the “wrong” bin.  “Why is ‘evil’ in the ‘clean’ bin?”  And they were so relieved when I told them they could move it.  Amazing how such a simple act can give someone a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  Of course, some people tried to be subversive by sorting words in what they considered controversial ways.

sortingbins4 sortingbins3 sortingbins2 sortingbinssorting bins 5



FIGMENT was “perfect”!

We had rainy weather on Friday while setting up the event.  But Saturday and Sunday were both sunny and breezy and beautiful.

In fact, you say the weather was perfect … and to celebrate, I am posting here a photo of one of my many visitors – a “perfect” child!  Thanks Eleonora for the pic!

perfect babySM

The next few posts will give you an idea of what people did with the stones and the space.  I will also post some images of Governor’s Island and some of the other exhibits at FIGMENT NY.

To those of you who visited Weigh Your Words – thanks for coming by!