FIGMENT NY – Choosing stones – Oh, the possibilities!

I only brought the seesaw and sorting bins portions of the piece to FIGMENT in June 2013. FIGMENT was two (full!) days long, and I was present the entire time the public was interacting with it.  It was a very different experience from Artomatic and I think that the outdoor setting and upbeat and adventurous crowd brought a heightened energy to the interpretations of the stones and how people interacted with them.

Careful selectionsearching the mat 2searching on the mat 4Some people just focused on the words, others incorporated them into self portraits and arranged groupings.  It all begins with the search for the words that best describe you or your friends…









Most of the people in this group did not speak English as their first language…

European words

…so they talked about definitions and chose words that they thought described them as a group

arranging stones 1

Some people spent hours…

arranging stone 2

…arranging stones into straight lines


Hearts were a common theme
















lyingon the mat1

And finally, my favorite – the reclining selfie..










Annie on the mat 2

From demure corona…


…to full bodyscape







…to hair collage


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