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A few words went missing … and one was cautious

It was inevitable.  Both mornings of the Atlas Intersections Festival brought hoards of young kids, especially Saturday, when the toddlers were swarming all over the piece for about two hours. Also, some words just speak to people and ask to be taken home. I was sure more would be missing, but after a quick review (yes, I check them after every venue to see which words I need to replace), the following words are gone:











Most of them are words that I wouldn’t be surprised to see “walk.” But “Episcopalian”?  That’s got to be in a toddler’s pocket. Some parent will likely be quite amused when they go through the coat pockets.

The image above is one of the things I love about this project – I see random bits of irony every time people interact with this piece. All of the other stones were on the mats or in the bins, but “cautious” migrated (all on its own) just outside the margins, as though it was afraid to join the party. I brought it back into the fold, and it is not missing, in case you were wondering.





Activating space at Atlas PAC


What a wonderful weekend at Atlas Performing Arts Center‘s 2016 Intersections Festival!

People jumped right in and explored the words, sorting bins, and seesaw. I was thrilled to talk to a wide range of people about ways to use the installation for therapy, diversity training, etc. The community at Atlas, both the folks who work there and the audience members, were so welcoming, respectful, and creative.

Here is a gallery of images from the weekend.


These three friends were in the space had already been in the space for an hour when I left on Saturday night.


One of my favorite visitors took a selfie …


… and figured out a new way to balance the seesaw – with her head! She also gets an endurance prize for staying over an hour with her sister.

All the rocks

The kids loaded up the seesaw and let the filled bowls slide across the middle to get it to balance – a new technique!



The bins got some focused attention as well.