Monthly Archives: November 2016

Chambers of the Heart

This week, I am part of a collaborative performance called Chambers of the Heart. It is a multi-media experience incorporating dance, music, theater, and a selection of my words on stones. The show is presented in several of the rooms at the beautiful Josephine Butler Mansion in Columbia Heights, DC, a restored structure that houses several wonderful local groups and rents out its larger spaces for events such as this one, as well as weddings and other celebrations.

I have selected about 400 words that relate to love and relationships for audience members to explore as they wander the rooms, watching the performances and taking the opportunity to ruminate on their experiences of love and loss. My space is fairly dark, but still light enough to read the rocks. It is arranged as a dreamy garden-like space with tulle, candlelight, and dried roses. I have not had a chance yet to take photos of the final effect, so stay tuned for images.

It is a lovely production, and an intense and positive activity to be a part of this weekend after a tumultuous US election year. Tonight is opening night for the sold out 3-day run. I am so excited to be exploring new ways to share this project!

Follow this link for the list of words I have used for this installation.

See the this post for a follow up and images of this beautiful production.