WISSIT 2017 – Third time’s the charm

This August, for the third year in a row, I got to spend a week working with the wonderful teachers and other educators who attend the Washington International School’s Summer Institute for Teachers (WISSIT). As usual, this engaged and creative congregation of educators blew my mind as they interacted with Weigh Your Words, delving into their own experiences both as teachers and as humans on this planet.

I got to work with a few of the learning groups as well as with individuals as they came through my space in the school’s library during the week-long conference.


The usual piles of words…..

While the piles of stones are hard to search through if you are looking for a particular word, I provide a current list of all the words in the installation so that, if someone finds that a special word is missing, they can ask me to add it. Here is an image of the pile, and a selection of the words that I was asked to add after this year’s meeting. I can’t believe I didn’t have “feminist” or “uncle” yet, but since the list is crowd-sourced, I guess nobody had really needed them to be there until this year.


Some of the new words suggested by this year’s group.

These are some of the selfie-portraits that the teachers did when they came to the installation with their learning groups.

Here are a few images of the teachers selecting and discussing words.



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