Stones (etc.) for sale…

Sure. I sell covered stones.  Sometimes they are just covered with plain paper, sometimes I print on the paper.  Sometimes I write on the paper.  I have sold sets of covered sticks and stones as a kind of zen garden that you can rearrange at will.

I plan to make a series of small branches with stones hanging from them as well – mobiles.  Stay tuned…

I also make jewelry and sculpture using the shrinking paper over wire armatures.  Those are for sale too…and more images and info are on my regular website.



I also do workshops that promote community building and use the tactile aspect of holding the words/stones to help people work through issues around bullying and identity.  The stones and word list are a great catalyst for poetry writing and composition in general.


Contact me if you are interested in learning more about any of this through the form below.



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