Self-portraits and poems

This project lends itself beautifully to self-portraits and wordplay, like composing poetry or sparking dialogue for playwrights.

At FIGMENTNY in 2013, a few people covered themselves with stones to make fantastic selfies.








The 2012 installation at Artomatic had a feature that is difficult to transport and install, so it is not included in the mobile version of Weigh Your Words – a column of three shallow shelves with mirror behind them, plus an extra (white) holding shelf below that.

Participants were invited to use these shelves to arrange words that describe themselves and then take a self-portrait photo.  I had placed tape on the floor at a spot that was a good average distance from the wall for taking a photo that would include all three shelves and the author’s face.  Participants were invited to send their self-portrait to me using the contact form below.  I didn’t get many emailed portraits, but two are included (with the authors’ permission) in the blog from the “positive words” guy and Mr. Foster.

June2Robert L Fosterportrait5_25

You could also use the shelves to compose a poem (yes, with only adjectives and nouns), much like arranging letter tiles in a Scrabble game.  The three shelves could be used to compose an abstracted haiku-esque poem (three lines with 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 on the third) or any other short form composition.

Participants didn’t feel limited to the shelves and created poems and word cairns on the floor or the tables.



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