I recognize that with large groups of people interacting with the project, and since the stones are fairly small, and since some of the words are quite compelling…some of the words might “walk.”

I hope they don’t.

But I also hope that if someone decides to take a stone, he/she will let me know so that I can replace that word and other people can use it again.

I also hope that anyone who so desperately needs to possess a stone with a certain word on it that they are willing to steal it will tell me why.  Why is this word so important?  Are you removing it because it is offensive to you?  Are you removing it because you want to have it near to you?  Do you just like to steal things?  To me, the story behind why someone takes a stone/word is more important than the act of taking.

Perhaps I will get some anonymous confessions.  Perhaps some people will talk about this freely and openly.

If you want to see what happened at the Artomatic installation, see the blog post about word that went missing during that 6-week run.



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