Words list

This page links to a list of the words I have used for the installation.  It is also available through a link on the project’s home page. When I first posted this page in early May, 2012, the list included just about 700 words.  The list includes basic descriptors (tall), slang and other culturally specific words (ghetto), insults (ugly), compliments (intelligent), words that just sound cool (zaftig), words of particular current interest (transgender).  Some words could be considered offensive or inappropriate for children.  Because I believe that even (especially!) encounters with troublesome words can lead to a greater understanding of oneself, I only censor words from the interaction when specifically requested to do so.  When that happens, the words go in a “censored” bucket and can be retrieved when the offended person has left the premises.  Many of these words can be taken many different ways depending on who is describing whom and how/why.

As of July 2017, I have close to 1,500 words on the list.  I know I have left many words out, so please let me know about words you think I should add. If possible, tell me why (as simple as “you just left it out” or as complicated as “it is the word my grandfather always used when he gave me a backhanded compliment” with the back story, if you wish).  Feel free to post comments or send me an email about words you think I should add and why.  As suggestions for additions to the list come in over the course of the show, I will try to make new stones and add them to the installation. I will also occasionally update this list.


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